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Lo = Loren Co= Coburn Yotta = quadrillion or septillion

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
— T.S.Eliot
 1-on-1 Coaching with Loren Coburn Click on button to summit your information to scheduled a free coach Consultation.

1-on-1 Coaching with Loren Coburn Click on button to summit your information to scheduled a free coach Consultation.


Providing strategic advice for your business. Loren brings his real world situations and challenges into play when he's advising his clients. He's going to help you implement, strategies & tactics to gain you an advantage on your COMPETITION and raise your bottom line results. 


using a Fast Growth Branding Strategies.  Logo Design, Identity, and the correct platforms is key to MAXIMIZING your branding to the public and the right clienTS base

 Business Coaching

Business Coaching

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Online Marketing

When it comes to online marketing you need to make sure that your using the right resources, executing the right traffic generation so that your online marketing is reaching your specific audience. Also, making sure that your marketing efforts are easily tractable, and the ROI is at it highest level and with good quality traffic, Lead generation will be at its highest capacity.  




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is your Leadership at its highest performance? are you building leaders in your company? Does your leadership create trust and the culture your wanting to grow? These are a few leadership skills that Loren can help you and your ORGANIZATIONS with. 



LOCO Yotta Coaching

Webinars Provider by Coach Loren Coburn, 


Business Ownership is very hard at times understanding the CHALLENGes and laying out the task and requires Planning and processes is key to a SUCCESSFUL business Coach Loren is about to help you line out your processes. 



Leadership, Vision, Purpose

You don't lead a business, you lead People to build a business.
it's going to start with a Vision and your purpose. Understanding this sooner than later is a key Component to building your future and fulfilling your purpose 

Knowing your ROI is Key to Your Business and Your Growth Here's a Quick ROI Calculator to help you know where your ROI.

ROI Calculator - Return on Investment

1on1 1 Hour SessionS with Coach

1 Hour Consulting Coaching Call with Coach Loren  to help you understand a few very important aspects about your business and where you should be Focusing your Time and Efforts to Grow your business.

 Is your branding working or Not, Are you working your brand or do you need directions on how to expand your Marketing and a Strategy to follow? 

Is your branding working or Not, Are you working your brand or do you need directions on how to expand your Marketing and a Strategy to follow? 


YOur are your bRAND, Do you have your brand positioning laid out correctly, BECAUSE this is where your business is going to come from. You need to make sure your have a USP and a DISTINCTIVE COMPETITIVE edge over your competitors.  


 ROI Return on Investment: Everything you do with your business should have an ROI, Time, Marketing, Lead Generation, Social, Mailing, and events. These are just a few of the things we're going to be talking about. 

ROI Return on Investment: Everything you do with your business should have an ROI, Time, Marketing, Lead Generation, Social, Mailing, and events. These are just a few of the things we're going to be talking about. 

                    Coaching, Mentoring,Teaching and Sharing 


Do Something Great by leaving a Legacy.


Free Webinar and workshops by Loren Coburn

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 Kolbe A Index 

Kolbe A Index 


LoCo Yotta Coaching Instagram Page 



Greater Oklahoma City Chamber 

Check out some amazing Videos showing some of OKC great Adventures and Information 



My FaVORITE INFLUENCER In The world REAL 110% of the TIME 

MY Favorite INFLUNCER outside the us. This guys amazing and just hearing him has changed my life for the better


Benefits of Business and Individual Coaching


Business and Individual coaching are unlike anything you have experienced before.  Coaching develops potential, improves performance, and puts you on the fast-track to leadership development which creates quick, positive results. I’ve been where you are and understand what tools and strategies are best utilized to help you reach your highest goals. I’m offering individual strategic coaching with a process entirely devoted to you. I’ve personally produced over $70 million in 5 years and collectively generated over $100 million in 6 years with my team. Participation in my individualized coaching sessions will provide precise, measurable results to achieve your full potential.

Deep Dive into Personal Development
I will help you get full clarity on your primary goals and outcomes that will drive dramatic growth. We must first begin with where you currently stand in your development journey. We are going to go deep into your Why, How, and What you are in business for so that I can best help you achieve your goals. 

Identify and Eliminate Obstacles within Yourself
For starters, I am by no means a Doctor, Physicist, or Preacher. What I am is a person that has experienced great success along with some failures on my development journey, and my best ability is to help you recognize and be transparent in your own goals, vision, and failures to help you move forward. 

Every business is faced with challenges, both known and hidden, that are preventing them from growing and reaching their highest success levels. I’ll help you identify and eliminate those obstacles. In doing this I must know the good, bad, and the ugly of your business and skill sets because if I can understand your strengths and weaknesses, I can help you gain a faster growth process than you could ever predict. 
Create Customized Strategic and Business Plans for your Business
Each business is unique. That’s why I avoid the one size fits all approach. I will be building you a custom strategic plan with specific individualized strategies for your particular situations. 

Fast Track Revenue Development
My goal for coaching clients is to run an above average revenue increase by 75% during the first 12 months. I grew at 300% to 400%, and my system and techniques have only been perfected over time and with my social media experience you are going to see rapid growth. With that being said the next vital points are significant:

As the leaders of a company, you are in control. This does not necessarily mean you need to be the management of the company. Through my process, we will be able to understand and determine this quickly. To become a more effective leader you must first follow yourself. You will need to be completely honest about your abilities and realize that challenges are not a defeat, but learning opportunities to developing better leadership skills, setting better goals and reaching them faster, making better decisions, and improving communications and working relationships. A few highlighted points include: Developing an Influencer Mentality, Understand Clarity, Taking Responsibility, Extreme Ownership, and Going All In. 

 Building a High-Performance Business
I know the value of a great culture and high performers. I’ll help you create a process and systems to ensure you develop and maintain a healthy business culture. 
Balancing what is perfect for your Life and Business
Gratitude, not Attitude. Having an appreciation and respect for everything and every story of your life is constructive. Anyone can be successful if they work for it, but without knowing your actual purpose why would you want to? 

Compassion, Happiness, and Inspiration
Love your tribe by being respected; be their Eagle. Leading by a respected attitude is a must. This does not mean you are the tallest, biggest or smartest, but your approach is the crucial factor of your Leadership, and that will determine everything. 

“An army of sheep lead by a lion will always defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.” – Dr. Myles Munroe

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 2018 THE Best Year Ever!


I'm here to help my clients build their business, systems and put together the right formula to success.  


Trusted Business Partners

This list is for Trusted Business Partners that I have used and Provide a superior Service to myself and other Agents

 LionDesk Link for 30 Day Free Trial  CLICK HERE

LionDesk Link for 30 Day Free Trial CLICK HERE



 Cole Realty Resources Discount Link  Click Here

Cole Realty Resources Discount Link Click Here

Cole Realty Resources is one of the ADVANCE Technologies platform for Real Estate Agents to get the right contact INFORMATION for their target markets   



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Past 2017 MLSOK President, serves on a NAR Committee, Served on many State and Local Committees too.

Loren 11 years of experience in the Real Estate industry. Having sold over 100 Million Dollars in Production in just under five years in his market is a true testament to his ability to adapt and change with the ever-changing real estate industry. His success comes from his interest in the technologies around the industry. Implementing systems that prove a successful ROI within a specific period-of-time so that agents aren’t wasting money and time on methods or sources that don’t work.

His passion, service, innovation, and marketing strategies are helping his clients build sustainable futures for themselves and their business.

Loren, ability to be 100% bluntly honest about how he’s had fantastic success along with some failures in this industry is a vital element of the person he is.

Loren’s Moto: Mission, Purpose, and Journey

The Mission is what continues to drive Loren to become a better leader, by keeping an unselfish attitude to fulfill his Purpose.  The purpose is to be of service to others and help them with becoming the best they can be. Giving everyone, he has the ability to Coach or sells a property to the best experience ever.  By using his knowledge and foresight to critique details before they become issues proactively. Journey, Loren’s journey has now become future expeditions that the next 7 years will take him on. Follow Loren @triple7summits #21summits to see his Journey Unfold over the next 7 years. 2018 is the first year.  

Those of us that are able to make mistakes and keep pushing forward and not letting the mistakes stop us are the ones that will find the success we are working for...
— unknown

Coach Loren Coburn talking about change in data. MLS!


Coach Loren talking about tips as 2017 MLSOK President


One of Coach Loren Passision is Skydiving with his son Loren Monroe!

Coach Loren speaking about MLSOK.COM

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