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What sponsorship means. Hire Coach Loren Coburn to teach at your offices & or conference Loren's going to bring a different prospective and unique value to a SPECIFIC AUDIENCE. Coach Loren, will bring his knowledge and SKILLs TO the class each and every time. His style and speaking events has proven a great value to different clients. Offering your clients an opportunity to learn how to grow their business is a great way to build your clientele. 

1. Offer your Real Estate Agents a Class and training by Coach Loren. 

2. Bring a unique prospective to you clientele by bring coach Loren in as a guess speaker, motivator. he's going  share his knowledge with anyone you put IN FRONT of him. His goal each and ever time is to help each personal grow their businesses and to gain something each time they here from him.     


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Real Estate Boot Camp 

101 Level Class 


Bootcamp Class has drawn a lot of attention for New and Young agent just getting into the business and getting their first year or two off to the right start. 

Sponsor Class


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Here is a description of Class 201 .. More information →


Extreme Ownership Class


Here is a description of Extreme Owner Class. More information →

Lead Generate Through Facebook Class

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Here is a description of Lead Generate through Facebook: This class is going to teach you how to Crete Content, Build Online Dialogues, Target Market a specific market. 


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