Lo = Loren Co= Coburn Yotta = quadrillion or septillion

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
— T.S.Eliot
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Past 2017 MLSOK President, serves on a NAR Committee, Served on many State and Local Committees too.

Loren 11 years of experience in the Real Estate industry. Having sold over 100 Million Dollars in Production in just under five years in his market is a true testament to his ability to adapt and change with the ever-changing real estate industry. His success comes from his interest in the technologies around the industry. Implementing systems that prove a successful ROI within a specific period-of-time so that agents aren’t wasting money and time on methods or sources that don’t work.

His passion, service, innovation, and marketing strategies are helping his clients build sustainable futures for themselves and their business.

Loren, ability to be 100% bluntly honest about how he’s had fantastic success along with some failures in this industry is a vital element of the person he is.

Loren’s Moto: Mission, Purpose, and Journey

The Mission is what continues to drive Loren to become a better leader, by keeping an unselfish attitude to fulfill his Purpose.  The purpose is to be of service to others and help them with becoming the best they can be. Giving everyone, he has the ability to Coach or sells a property to the best experience ever.  By using his knowledge and foresight to critique details before they become issues proactively. Journey, Loren’s journey has now become future expeditions that the next 7 years will take him on. Follow Loren @triple7summits #21summits to see his Journey Unfold over the next 7 years. 2018 is the first year.  

Those of us that are able to make mistakes and keep pushing forward and not letting the mistakes stop us are the ones that will find the success we are working for...
— unknown

Coach Loren Coburn talking about change in data. MLS!


Coach Loren talking about tips as 2017 MLSOK President


One of Coach Loren Passision is Skydiving with his son Loren Monroe!

Coach Loren speaking about MLSOK.COM